EasyNotes for Palm OS 2.02 2.02

EasyNotes for Palm OS 2.02 2.02

Did you ever want to manage all of your notes/memos in a single application? Now you can. EasyNotes provides easiest way to manage your text notes, pen/drawing notes and voice notes in a user friendly application. Wether you are taking notes in your colle

Finally text, pen and voice notes all come together! Now you can manage all your notes in one single application. Use EasyNotes for reminders, checklists, memos and more. It is THE user-friendly solution to organize your text, voice, and drawing notes.

Do more than just take notes - Have Fun!

Add colorful icons to distinguish one written note from another and set an alarm so you won't forget. Sometimes text can't say it all, so sketch a picture, add a voice reminder, or even sing a tune to help you remember. There's so much you can do with EasyNotes beyond the monotony of black and white. Experience note-taking in all its color. Who ever thought it can be so fun!

More exciting features:

  • EasyNotes supports Dpad navigation (Treo 650, 680, 700p, etc.) for convenience of one-handed access while you're on the go.
  • Save space on your internal memory by saving your voice and drawing notes onto memory cards.
  • New improvements on drawing notes support high resolution screens.
  • Advanced voice recording capabilities let you record your voice notes at different bit-rates.
  • Modified alarm settings and icon selections give you more of the best.

Completely Customizable!

Everyone is unique so EasyNotes offers users the complete freedom of stylizing our software to change personal preferences. Individualize your notes and how they are listed, your color preferences, and even your categories and icons.

Optimize your note-taking abilities with EasyNotes.

With EasyNotes, text, sketch, and voice recorded notes all come together to let you take the most comprehensive notes possible. Write your main thoughts in text, compliment details with a sketch, and voice record those floating thoughts before they fly away.

  • Your Main list page - Main page listing all your notes. Scroll to select item or do a keyword lookup to find your entry.
  • Viewing Options - Customize the main view to best suit you. Hide or show different items so you can see as much detail or as little as you need.
  • Quick Touch Options - Take action fast. Either tap and hold or go under menu to access these quick options.
  • Take Written Notes - Jot down anything in our text notepad. Easily create lists, assign icons and add alarms.
  • Add Alarm - Add a reminder so you won't forget. Set an alarm with any note.
  • Add Icon - Colorful and expressive icons let you visualize your notes. Helps you get an overall sense of what your notes are about.
  • Sketch Out Your Notes - A picture can say a thousand words. Add a sketch to illustrate what you can't express in words.
  • Choose Your Colors - Customize the display your notes. Chose the color of your background and your text.
  • Drawing Options - Extensive drawing options let you sketch anything.
  • Voice Recording Options - Brainstorm out loud or record notes that takes too long to write or draw.
  • Keyword Look Up - Find any notes simply with a keyword search.
  • Preferences - Customize how your notes are listed, your color preferences, categories, icons, alarm and more.

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Price: Free

Operating System: Palm OS App

Publisher/Developer: iambic, Inc.

Release Date: Oct 20, 3406

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